Our History

La Shave which stands for Société d’histoire et d’Archéologie de Vichy et des Environs was created  in 1937. Our purpose is to promote the study and research in the field of local and regional history. We are also interested in the art, heritage, monuments of our region as well as genealogy, especially when the latter concerns families tied to our regions.

We hold meetings eight times a year, which are all working sessions during which the members or external speakers communicate about their research and their work. These meetings are open to everyone for free. The communications are then included in a paper format that is then published by the organisation, in principle every 6 months.

We also organise study trips twice a year, one in spring and the other one in fall. Our next trip is scheduled for spring 2023. Shave members who wish to participate in these trips can register by filling out the entry form.

Our organisation is also in contact with various learned societies, universities, libraries, etc… in France and abroad, which gives rise to exchanges of publications between us.

And here are some places of vichy that you should visit :

Palais des congres, Vichy

The Palais des Congrès of Vichy is a venue in Vichy, France that hosts conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical performances. It was built in the 19th century and is known for its impressive architecture and beautiful surroundings.

Opéra de Vichy

The Opera of Vichy is a historic theater located in Vichy, France. Built in the 19th century, it is renowned for its elegant architecture and serves as a popular venue for opera, ballet, and classical music performances.

Parc des Sources, Vichy

Hall des Sources, Vichy (Hall of Springs)

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